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Green Suites Hotel Membership Rewards

Membership Terms & Conditions

GSMR (Green Suites Membership Rewards) is a rewards program owned and operated by CAN HO XANH, Inc. (GSMR, we, us or the hotel ). The GSMR allows members to earn points when staying at Green Suites Hotel, and redeem their points for hotel stay. Your membership in the GSMR is subject to these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions are applied each time you earn points, redeem points for hotel stays, so please read them carefully. These Terms & Conditions include our Privacy Policy which describes our collection, use, protection and sharing your personal information related to your participation in the GSMR. By enrolling in the GSMR, you agree that: (a) you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy; (b) you are eligible for Membership; and (c) you consent to our processing, using and disclosing your personal information to third parties, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    1. Membership Eligibility and Enrollment

  • a. Membership is open to the individual whose age is legally permited in most countries to participate in hotel rewards programs. Corporations, associations, groups and/or other entities are not eligible to become Members. There is no fee to become a member.
  • b. Members must provide valid mailing and email addresses and create a Member password at the time of enrollment. The email address provided shall serve as your Member login name and associated with a number called Member ID
  • c. Since the date we receive your completed enrollment form, you have officially been our member in the GSMR program. Membership in the GSMRProgram is strictly personal and may not be lent, assigned, transferred or sold. You cannot have more than one Membership. Membership can only be used by the Member whose name is listed on the Account. You will be responsible for all activities in your Account if your Account is used by another person. Therefore, you should not give your password to anyone.
  • d. Membership, including the ability to earn and redeem Points, is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Membership benefits and rewards are subject to availability and may be subject to change if prohibited or restricted by applicable law or regulation.

    • 2. Membership Account

  • a. An Account will be set up to record each Member's GSMR earning and redeeming points.
  • b. We reserve the right to monitor all Account's activities. If your Account shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicion, you may lose your accrued GSMR Points, and, as a result of this activity, we may close or freeze your Account immediately.
  • c. If your Account does not show the correct number of Points that you should have been awarded by us, we will adjust your Point balance. If you are incorrectly awarded (or not awarded) Points or if you find your Account suspicious, please contact us mmediately.

    • 3. Membership Termination

  • a. You may terminate your Stash Membership at any time by giving us notice of cancellation through customer support.
  • b. We may terminate your Membership at our discretion if you do not have any Account activity during 24 months. Account activity means either the earning of Points or the redemption of Stash Points. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate the Membership of any Member that we reasonably believe, in our sole discretion, (i) is using the GSMR program in a manner that violates these Terms & Conditions, (ii) has acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws, ordinances or regulations, or (iii) has engaged in fraud or abuse concerning Stash Points or Membership privileges and benefits.
  • c. When your Stash Membership is terminated by either you or us, your Account is closed and all Stash Points in the Account will be forfeited.
  • d. If we terminate your Membership for any reason instead of inactivity, you can not reapply for a Membership. Then any Account opened under your name and Points earned in that Account will be forfeited. If your Membership is terminated by us due to Account inactivity, or if you terminate your Membership, you can reapply for a Membership later, but you will not be able to recover any Stash Points forfeited from your prior Membership.
  • e. e. If you conduct any fraudulent activity, we will take any necessary legal action. In addition, you may be liable to us for our losses, including litigation costs and damages./li>
      4. Earning GSMR Points

  • a. After completing their stay at Green Suites hotel booked through our website with Eligible Rate, which means an eligible stay, members can earn points with the condition that the member has enrolled in the GSMR program, and a valid Member ID has been provided before the check-in date. An eligible rate is the rate published on the Green Suites website at the time the booking is made. A discounted rate is not considered as an eligible rate..
  • b. For each eligible stay described above, the Member will earn seven Points for each US dollar he/she spends on eligible room rates.
  • c. Members can earn GSMR Points only from room charge, not from any other charges such as beverage, food, early check-in, late check-out, airport pick-up, etc. GSMR Points will not be awarded if the Member books a Stay at the hotel but does not check in, even though he/she is charged for either no-show or late cancelation.
  • d. Members can earn points from up to two eligible rooms, not three rooms or more, staying on the same dates with the Eligible Room Rate, provided that both rooms are registered under the Member's name. Only one member is awarded for one bill. A corporate account is not eligible for GSMR Points.
  • e. A Member who enrolls in the GSMR program upon checking in a Eligible Room at Green Suites hotel with a Eligible Rate can receive Points, provided that the email address corresponding to the Member ID is used for the booking. In this case, 5 Stash Points will be awarded for each US dollar. We will award no less than 2,500 Stash Points.
  • f. From time to time, we may offer opportunities to earn Points for bonuses, promotional incentives, or other purchase opportunities. These offers may be temporary. We may modify or discontinue these offers at any time.

    • 5. Redeeming GSMR Points

  • a. Members can redeem their Points for stays at Green Suites Hotel. GSMR Points will be deducted from your Account when you redeem your points.

  • Effective since June 1st 2012